PERA’s Economic Impact

cytotec online purchase can you buy diflucan over the counter in the uk PERA contributes $3.5 billion annually into the Colorado economy, generating tax revenue and supporting local jobs.  In fact, the Pacey Economics Group determined that spending by PERA retirees in Colorado supports 29,000 jobs and generates $267 million annually in state and local tax revenue read more here.  What’s more, about $311 million dollars is distributed each month to current retirees, 90 percent of whom live in Colorado. The money retirees receive each month goes into local banks, car dealers, ice cream shops, pet stores, local tourism, and many other places.  We impact local economies in all four corners of our state and are proud to spend our pension dollars in our hometowns and across Colorado.

Learn more about how much retirees in each county across Colorado receive by clicking here.